Appointment Policy

Appointments are recommended to make sure you can be seen for the amount of time necessary to complete your treatment(s) Same day appointments may be available, so please do not hesitate to take a chance and call, text, or email.

Multiple Appointments are scheduled throughout the day. Please be considerate to those scheduled after you. Arriving late will shorten your treatment to make sure that the next client will be seen on time. If you are running late, please text/call to make sure that you can still be accommodated. If not, we can reschedule you to a time that will work better for you. *please refer to late cancellation policy

Things happen, I understand. Please be considerate of others who may be able to use the time that you find yourself unable to utilize. Please respect my time as I truly respect yours.

Within 24-hour notice- you will not be charged.

Less than 24-hour notice- you will be charged a fee of $50.00 in addition to your next appointment total should you decide to book again in the future. If you have a series package, your scheduled treatment will be deducted from your package.

No call/No show- you will be charged the total amount of the missed service(s) in addition to your next appointment total should you decide to book again in the future. If you have a series package, your scheduled treatment will be deducted from your package.

*Please note that the email reminder is a courtesy. When you book your appointment online, or by making arrangements with me directly, you are ultimately responsible for making it in on time, or canceling your appointment with proper notice. If you miss the email because it goes to spam or you don’t check your email – that will not be an acceptable excuse. Again, please be considerate to others who follow policy and/or could use the time that you find unable to utilize.

Follow-up Appointments

As many of you already know, I am here to help. Follow-up appointments are available free of charge WITHIN 2 WEEKS of your last treatment visit in the event that I am unable to get rid of any deeper blemishes during your visit OR if you get a sudden, stress-induced blemish in between your regularly scheduled visits. Please do not abuse this fringe benefit of being my client. Abuse will eventually cause strict monitoring or even the removal of the benefit entirely.
*Beginning January 1, 2012, follow-up scheduling will not be available for online booking under “Consultation.” That type of online booking availability will only be for First Time Clients. To schedule a follow-up, you will need to contact me via call/text/email.

Payment Policy

Services must be paid for in full on the day of service. Credit Cards and Cash (please bring the exact amount, I don’t maintain a cash box) accepted.

To take advantage of series/packages, monthly deal pricing, etc., the amount must be paid in full before the offer expires. No exceptions. If you cannot come in before the offer expires, you may still purchase to use at a later time. *It would be unfair to extend or make other exceptions while others comply with policy. So please be considerate.

Return Policy

Product Returns- As most of you know, I like to give you samples if available so you can “try before you buy.” If after purchasing a product, you are unsatisfied, please bring it back for an exchange or store credit.

Series Package Refunds/Exchanges- Series/Package pricing available during monthly, weekly, or standard package pricing rates of 15% or more cannot be interchanged or redeemed as other services or products. A refund will be given if you decide within 1 week of your purchase that you no longer wish to avail of the savings and you will be issued a refund minus the full value of any service(s) from the series/package that you already redeemed.

*All that said, I reserve the right to change office policy as I see fit to protect loyal, compliant clients, myself, and the business.

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