A treatment that uses Nano-current technology (exclusively patented wave forms) to cause a boost in cell regeneration. This addresses fine lines and wrinkles, muscle tone, dullness.

How does it WORK?
Cell energy is the most important factor in keeping the body well. The cell is the basic component of all living things and they work ceaselessly to nourish, repair and renew themselves. This ongoing activity, called cell metabolism, requires energy which is provided by a substance created within the cell called ATP (adenosine- triphosphate).
Cell metabolism generates wastes that the body must get rid of. As well as eliminating these worn out or dead cells, the body also needs to get rid of undigested or partially digested foods, chemicals taken in from water, cigarette smoking, alcohol and caffeine, the environment and medications.
When waste products build up, they impede microcirculation to cells and tissues. This decreases the amount of oxygen and nutrients carried to the cells which, in turn, slows cellular activity, reducing the amount of wastes eliminated from the cells. As a result, even more waste builds up so the cells function even less.
One of the key mechanisms within the cell that eliminates the waste is the Sodium Potassium Pump. This keeps the cell in balance by pumping excess Sodium out of the cell and bringing Potassium into the cell. This pumping action needs a minute amount of electricity which can be measured in either micro amps (a millionth of an amp) or nano amps (a billionth of an amp).
When a cell does not function properly (the unfortunate side effect of aging) it does not generate sufficient electricity for the pump to work, a bit like a torch battery that only has enough energy to make the bulb glow rather than give off a bright beam of light.
In effect, Nano-current therapy is able to ‘jump start’ the cells by giving them the amount of energy needed to start functioning at the correct level. The levels of current required are so small that they cannot be felt.
When the cells have been recharged they are able to continue to work at the correct rate, so the ability to repair continues even after the session has finished.

CONTRAINDICATIONS- pregnancy, pacemakers, epilepsy, cancerous lesions, lupus, herpes simplex, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, history of seizures, thrombosis, phlebitis, hepatitis, shingles. Any cosmetic injectables may breakdown quicker with the a-lift, so I have been advised not to apply the treatment until after 3-6 months.

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